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First blockchain-based platform for fast Humanitarian Fundraising 3.0

Fast and transparent,
secure and global
Gather minimum 25,000 HELP tokens and become
an Entity Master Node with passive value-growing income
blockchain consensus
Advanced Distributed Edge Network
our own unique blockchain solution for extended features

Why GoHelpFund
is the next big thing?
Why HELP token
is unique?

Token Sale

starts in:

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We accept BTC, ETH, BCH and more


Pre-Sale Amount Raised
$125 K
$600 K $5 M

Charity fundraising potential market

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TOP 100
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market analysis

Token Sale Stages

Token Pre-Sale
Bonus Tokens


26th January
from 18:00 UTC+2


2nd February
from 18:00 UTC+2

Token Sale
Bonus Tokens


24th February
from 18:00 UTC+2


3rd March
from 18:00 UTC+2

Humanitarian Fundraising 3.0

Moving from the overhead of using traditional payment methods to the blockchain revolution

block block
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From problem solving to global adoption

- We are developing the first global platform that brings together the NGOs / individuals and supporters / donors

- The fastest way for NGOs & Individuals to get funds, without the overhead of using traditional payment methods.

May 2017

- Conception of GoHelpFund idea and market research.

- Started working on the platform based on Amazon Web Services.

- Began research and development for implementing our own blockchain and wallet.

September 2017

- GoHelpFund.com domain name registered for the platform

- Website available and social media enabled

January 2018

- Launching Token Sale event

- Accepting multiple ways of contributing, including BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XMR and more

March 2018

- Token Sale finishes successfully

- Start inquiring big exchanges to get listed on

April 2018

- Start public-testing the alpha version and continue developing beta version

- Incremental monthly releases to be included in the alpha version:

- Website Application
- iOS Application
- Machine Learning RTD (Real-time-detection)

August 2018

- Start public-testing the beta version and continue developing/integrating the blockchain and wallet

- Incremental monthly releases to be included in the beta version:

- Platform Public API
- Android Application
- Artificial Intelligence RTEP (Real-time-event-processing)

October 2018

- Start public-testing the blockchain/wallet and begin marketing/advertising for production release

- Incremental monthly releases to be included in the pre-production version:

- Migration from Ethereum Network to our own Blockchain
- Wallet Application
- Entity Master Nodes

December 2018

- GoHelpFund platform launched officially

- Continuous Integration and Development based on regular feedback from our users

Humanitarian Fundraising 3.0

The Ecosystem

Powered by

- Easy to use

- High-performance

- Reliable


- Secure

- Flexible

- Scalable

- Experienced

- Cost-effective

- Global Edge Network


Team Members

Back-End, Distributed Systems
iOS Evangelist
Front End Developer
Machine Learning Engineer
Software Developer
Security Engineer

Token Structure